Marcel Marvel

Marcel Marvel

The Man Who Makes the Impossible Possible

The Expert for Transformation and Success

As Magic Success trainer and coach, Marcel Marvel is the expert for transformation and success. He meets people where they are and leads them to where they can live their true dreams.

Success can be Easy,
if you take the right actions in the right way
while beeing in the right state with the right mindset.

It defenitely helps to know what to do, how to do it and just do it.

The ‘Magic’ Happens,
 when you have set your subconsicous programs the right way.”

Marcel Marvel

Motivation of Marcel Marvel

“Help people transform themselves, their lives and their business to the level they desire”

“A world where people want to belong.
While helping each other in freedom and peace, people utilize their fullest potential and live their true dreams”

“Wake up your ‘inner magician’ and help you transform yourself into a new you”

Expert for transformation and success, Trainer, Mentor, Coach, Magician, Speaker, Consultant, Serial Entrepreneur

Marcel Marvel - The Story

The Story of Marcel Marvel

Marcel Marvel started his journey with standard education. After 5 years of attending business academy (Handelsakademie) in Bregenz, Austria, he moves to Vienna where he graduates with a Master of Science in Computer Sciences at the Vienna University of Technology. After 3 years of governmental education, Marcel Marvel qualifies as “Eingetragener Mediator” [hint: registered mediator] at the Department of Justice in Austria. He receives his diploma as Mental Trainer and studies “Innovation from Idea to Product” at the Technological University of Lorrain, France.

Marcel Marvel graduates as Trainer & Consultant at the NLPU, UCSC (University of Santa Cruz, California, USA).

Over several years, Marcel Marvel not only read hundreds of books, but also attends more than 240 seminars, workshops, trainings as well as personal trainings and private coaching.

As an early teenager, he asks himself questions like:

    • What is the difference between people who are extremely successful and people who are not?
    • How does this world work? How does the human and his subconsciousness work? How does success work?

Armed with these questions, Marcel Marvel travels around the world for more than 16 years.

According to his philosophy “learn the best from the best”, Marcel Marvel meets and becomes friends with experts, eldest, grand masters, decision makers and even super stars to find out what makes people extremely successful.

At the beginning of his journey he was challenged with questions like:

    • Who are the people with the best knowledge?
    • Who do I want to learn from?
    • Who has the best wisdom on what I want to know?

And more difficult questions:

    • How do I get in touch with them?
    • How do I motivate them to spend time with me and teach me their secrets?

The first steps on this journey are not easy. The more Marcel Marvel gets in touch with these amazing people and understands their inner and outer world (mindset, thoughts, environment, strategies, needs and aspirations), the easier it is to connect with them. And by knowing these people better – more and more doors are opening.

After getting in touch with the first set of inspiring people and beginning to discover their realms, there is no returning to his old life. There are too many amazing opportunities, learnings and experiences to even think of stopping here.

The knowledge is not just based on what these people experienced and learned in their own life, but the accumulated and refined wisdom attained over generations.

Metaphorically, Marcel Marvel realized to stand on the shoulders of a giant who is standing on the shoulders of a giant who is standing on the shoulder of a giant, he discovered that he can see further than others.

It’s the point of no return. Now, Marcel Marvel wants to know more.

Unfortunately, the journey of Marcel Marvel was not always easy. He had to master a lot of challenges.

On his journey, many people are trying to take him away from his path. Telling him limiting beliefs like:

    • This is not possible / this will never happen
    • You will never succeed
    • This is impossible
    • Do what everyone else is doing (treadmill mindset)

“Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they’re yours.”

Richard Bach

On many occasions, people tell him all the things that are not possible – just to be proven wrong after realizing it was achieved by Marcel Marvel.

“Making the impossible possible –
This is Magic Success”

Marcel Marvel

He was challenged by different kinds of attacks including technical, legal, defamatory and financial kinds.

Heck, even his show was tried to be copied for TV. Initially upset about it, he then realized that he apparently did something right otherwise there would not have been a copying attempt. After watching the TV recordings, he realized:

“A copy is never as good as its original”

from Unknown

On his journey, Marcel Marvel discovered long and closely guarded secrets, apparently lost wisdom, the latest technologies, incredible skills, and brilliant strategies. He discovered what distinguishes the most successful people from other people.

Marcel Marvel is very interested not only in highly effective and secret wisdom, but also in the latest technologies and strategies. That’s why he is always updating his knowledge i.e. by pioneering gatherings about future technologies. This enables him to combine age old wisdom with the latest technologies to his teachings.

On his journey, Marcel Marvel discovers techniques to find out what he really wants in life as well as the purpose of his life.

Marcel Marvel transforms from his old beliefs, mindset and habits to a new version of himself.

By changing himself to a new level, his life and surroundings are changing too, for the better.

On his Journey, Marcel Marvel achieves awards including Bestselling Author, Wizard Award and a Guinness World Record.

His contacts, travels and actions made it possible for him to have interesting conversations and access to exclusive closed societies such as with former US President Bill Clinton, Caprice, Iron Maiden Lead Singer Bruce Dickinson, Marcel Marvel´s close friend and superstar in magic Jeff McBride and many others.

With the deep knowledge, insights and wisdom of highly established people as well as Marcel Marvel´s findings and experiences, the success system “Magic Success” was developed.

Without the experience, solutions and contacts of Marcel Marvel, Magic Success would not be that amazing success system that it is today.

During his journey, he turned his hobby “magic” into his profession and became known as the magician “Marcel Marvel”.

As a magician, Marcel Marvel tours in many countries all over the world and people love to see him in places like Las Vegas and Hollywood.

Marcel Marvel has been approved and joined as Magician Member in the prestigious Magic Castle in Hollywood.

The Magic Castle is the most prestigious and well known exclusive private magic club for magicians and the headquarter of the “Academy of Magical Arts”. In the Magic Castle the best magicians of the world meet.

Marcel Marvel is an Alumni and in the inner circle of the worldwide unique Magic and Mystery School in Las Vegas with which he still feels a strong connection; especially with his friend, mentor and stage director Jeff McBride, the founder of the Magic and Mystery School in Las Vegas.

Marcel Marvel is grateful for all the learnings and experiences on his journey.

Over time, during his travels, conversations and experiences with established people, he has witnessed how different companies are failing and succeeding:

    • Rapid growth and success
    • Rapid growth, but failing because they are not prepared for rapid growth
    • Succeeding and failing startups
    • Failing companies (insolvency)
    • So called “healthy growth” and success
    • Long existence and market leading

Marcel Marvel recognizes the differences and knows what makes a business successful.

Back at home, Marcel Marvel unites ancient knowledge with latest discoveries, insights, wisdom and experience he collected worldwide over 16 years. After eliminating the wheat from the chaff and further optimizing (see About Magic Success for more detail), important and extraordinary synergies and emergences are born.

By melting together new technology, old secrets and forgotten wisdom with success strategies from various areas of knowledge by experts, masters, eldest, decision makers and superstars from around the world, Marcel Marvel develops the powerful and unique Magic Success system.

Marcel Marvel develops a completely new unique method, that helps people transform themselves, their life and their business faster and easier.

In Magic Success training there is a unique combination of magic entertainment and high quality training for success and transformation.

While participants are entertained with magic experiments, the teachings and transformation happen sustainably due to modern training methods and secret wisdom.

Marcel Marvel is the expert for personal and business transformation for people who are serious about transforming themselves/life/business to the next level with proven strategies and high levels of wisdom. His experience and knowledge as a serial entrepreneur, as well as with presentations, shows and seminar design, round off the whole picture.

Marcel Marvel now lives his life mission: he helps individuals and corporations who are serious about transformation to grow to their desired levels.

He is booked as lead keynote speaker at events like the CIO Convention where he talks about “3 Keys to Leadership, Communication and Success” and holds trainings, seminars and workshops.

Marcel Marvel offers private coaching and full education certification programs for those who are ready to improve their personal or professional lives.