No. First of all, Marcel Marvel does not claim to know every secret in the world.

Secondly, he is absolutely trustworthy and if you tell him a secret you want him to keep, he respects this and keeps it secret.

For those who think money can buy everything, don’t try to bribe him. Marcel Marvel will not betray what needs to be protected so don’t waste your time and don’t blame yourself by trying.

Examples of secrets are

    • Magic tricks (only reveal to other magicians if not specially protected, to show - assistants or to magic students)
    • Personal secrets (like personal or business secrets from coaching clients, business partners or friends)
    • Knowledge kept for a good reason
    • Wisdom people are not ready for (they only get it step by step, if they are ready for it)
An exception could be: if someone tells a secret, but it´s not a secret anymore, because it is already publicly known, he can give information from another public source. Another exception can be secrets of external people doing harm to the world.

Marcel Marvel has a lot of long kept secrets which he is privileged to be allowed to share now. There is a lot to learn! Fortunately, the secrets he is permitted to reveal are more than enough to change your life to a level you can´t imagine now.

This is a perfect combination for customers of Marcel Marvel. They get the chance to receive long kept secrets while at the same time have their privacy protected. In many seminars and programs that Marcel Marvel offers, there is a rule, that the participants keep the personal secrets of each other private, so they can learn and grow together with a deeper experience in a secure environment.

No, this is not a marketing gag like you may have seen before. Usually, only the education programs need applications and the seminars are without pre-assessment (exceptions may occur).

The education programs are high class programs. To retain the high standard, participants must pre-qualify to be accepted in the program.

First we check if this program is suitable for you so in case it is not for you, you don’t waste your time and money.

Then we check if you qualify to participate in this program. We also check for your ethics, because the program is designed for people making massive (positive) impact in their lives and other people´s lives.

A third reason to assess interested people is, because we want to have the participants have a great experience on the journey of their education.

And finally, we divide the participants into matching groups to get the best learning experience and effects.


Well, many people are giving up at this point.

If you are willing to participate, but can´t afford it, just get in touch with us and let us know your situation. We´ll check out what we can do for you that you can participate.


Example 1: You bring x participants and get your attendance for free.

Example 2: Maybe we have space for a volunteer at specific events.


Please get in touch with us and let us know your situation.

to be continued...

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